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Leading fire retardant fabrics producer FR-One

Guarantees you safety and quality by supplying fire retardant fabrics.

No matter what you need: fireproof sofas, sofas and cushions or curtains or tablecloths, you can trust FR-One's superiority and suitability to meet your needs..

We combine the best textiles and fire reducing technology.

FR-One guarantees safe, high quality and stylish fire redundant fabrics at an affordable price. The combined FR-One team’s experience ensures all the skills needed to excel in each of these areas. Our team of scientists, engineers and designers work closely together to make FR-One fire-resistant fabrics to be the best solution for all furniture and decoration projects.

FR-One has a wide range of fire resistant fabrics varying from the simplest to the most advanced designs. All FR-One fabrics have been designed to fit the latest furniture, fashion, colour and style requirements. Designs are based on ongoing market research and analysis aimed at understanding the trends prevailing in different parts of the world - we are thinking globally, but work locally.


Interior designers and architects

can use the advantage of all four key characteristics that fire resistant fabrics have:

1. Safety

Safety that meets or even surpasses the strictest international fire-resistance standards;

2. Quality

Quality that meets or exceeds all the wear, longevity, stability, stability, washability, colour and other characteristics related to standards;

3. Choice

A wide variety of fabrics to choose from when creating stylish interiors ranging from classical and elegant to the most modern and contemporary;

4. Availability

Affordability - competitive and realistic pricing that you will not find anywhere else.


Your guarantor of the compliance with the fire resistance requirements in the country.

In some countries, there are very strict fire-resistance requirements, while others do not have them at all. Avoid confusion, let us provide you with a clear fact:

All FR-One fire-resistant fabrics are rated as exceeding the most stringent fire-resistance requirements!

You can rest assured that your chosen product will meet local fire resistance requirements in any part of the world.

Various independent bodies carry out audits and certify that our fire resistant fabrics meet the required standards. With rigorous testing, FR-One fabrics have always proven to be the safest fire resistant fabrics on the market. You will be completely calm with them.

What's most important

„FR-One“ fabrics catalog

Visit the Litena e-shop to choose your fabric from the FR-One catalog!


Fire resistant fabrics all over the world are used for...

In areas where it is required to ensure a better safety using fire resistant textile products.



Cruise ships


Movie theatres

At home

Public places



For all samples of FR-One fabrics, it is clearly indicated for which purpose they are specifically suitable, for example, refractory upholstery (in accordance with international durability standards), fire resistant curtains, etc.

Due to their high quality, durability, easy maintenance and fire resistance qualities FR-One branded fabrics can also be used for home furnishings. All these properties of the fabric are especially important when having small children at home.

All FR-One fabric fire resistance tests are performed by independent, certified testing bodies.

All tests on FR-One fabrics are carried out at independent laboratories to ensure that they meet the general and local standards for fire resistant fabrics.

Different fire resistance tests are used worldwide. This means that when testing a fabric by one particular county requirements fabric can meet them, but fail other country’s standard. The FR-One quality label encompasses and ensures compliance with all applicable fire-resistance standards in one fabric. As a result, FR-One can offer everything you need in one place; it is a gold standard for all fire resistance challenges. FR-One is the best guarantee of a fireproof fabric in any situation.