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EasyLife is a new collection of innovative and high quality fabrics.

The fabrics in this collection are charachterised for their easy maintenance, durability, resistance to stains and fluids.


Ask for the EasyLife collection of furniture fabrics in every soft furniture store in Lithuania where Lithuanian manufacturers furniture is sold. If you want to buy fabric only, you can do it in our stores in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda and Panevezys.


Trust your own eyes

Watch real-time demo videos and find out how to remove stains from the EasyLife fabric. You just have to choose the type of fabric and stains.

Resistance to stains

EasyLife collection fabrics are not only simply stain resistant, it can be said that they eliminate the existence of stains. The fabric’s protective barrier is created using an innovative manufacturing process that provides an easy protection against hard-to-remove stains. With the EasyLife, an insignificant life issues remain insignificant!

Soft and stylish

The EasyLife collection features a completely new, extremely pleasant feelings of gentleness. Unique texture, stylish design and colour scheme creates a perfect balance. The unbelievable fabric softness remains through the entire lifetime of the fabric. You can enjoy the whole new feeling of luxury with the EasyLife collection.

Resistance to fluids

EasyLife collection fabrics withstand any everyday accidents. Liquids are stored on the surface of the fabric, which makes cleaning easier. Even hard-to-clean liquids such as coffee and wine can be cleaned using a simple cloth. Any remaining stains left on the fabric can be easily removed the a soapy sponge.

Easy maintenance

EasyLife collection fabrics are designed to be resistant to stains and stains. Food and drink, such as milk, coffee, wine, chocolate, ketchup, mustard, or pencil, lipstick and other stains, can be removed with a cloth soaked in soapy water. The fabrics can also be washed and dried in a washing machine, they never shrink or rub

Unbelievable durability

The EasyLife collection engineers have been conducting intense, lengthy tests to test fabric durability. These fabrics withstood a particularly rigorous testing of over 100,000 Martindeil cycles, and therefore meet the highest standards of durability.


Oeko-Tex Standard 100

All of the EasyLife collection furniture fabrics meet the highest Oeko-Tex Standard 100 test criteria and are labeled with the textile products trust warrant.

Textile products trust warrant is used globally as a synonym for sustainable textile production, ranging from raw materials to the final products available in a furniture stores.

Our approach to the environment

We are constantly striving to meet and exceed all the necessary environmental requirements and thus take care of Earth's future.

We would like to encourage all fabric manufacturers to join this initiative!

What's most important

„Easy Life“ fabrics catalogue

Visit the Litena Online Store and choose your fabric from the Easy Life catalog!


Cleaning instructions.

Note: Use only water-soluble cleaners. Never use alcohol-based cleaners, such as chloretilene or turpentine.


Remove the biggest dirt immediately and dry the area with a dry cloth.


Spray a little bit of water and soap solution or detergent "Litena" on the remaining stain and gently rub with a circular motion with a clean cloth or a toothbrush to prevent damage to the fluff. Wipe from the side of the stain towards the center to avoid the effect of the halo;


Dry the fabric with a dry cloth. After fabric dried out, brush the fluff with a soft brush to make it soft again.